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“Caring for the People” at SGPCM Programme

The programme “Caring for the People” came from the willingness of a resilient and persevering leadership and is in line with the purposes of an organisation that is increasingly caring and aware of its importance in the life of its People.

It is in line with the concepts of organisational well-being and happiness, essential to the implementation of structured policies and practices within the organisation and which contribute to the workers’ physical and mental health.

The programme is divided into 7 lines of intervention, as shown in the figure below, which annually combine all the initiatives and projects carried out by each directorate, directly working towards the goal of creating working conditions that foster professional and personal acknowledgement and development for everyone at the SGPCM.

The “Caring for the People” programme is divided into the following lines of intervention: Enhancing people, Organisational environment, Socio-cultural initiatives, Innovation, Work/Life balance, Health and well-being, and New employee integration.

Each of the lines falls under a series of initiatives and projects carried out by the different SGPCM departments, of which we note some of the ones in existence:

  • Project “Bem-me-quer”;
  • Training plan split into three models:
    1. Training across-the-board;
    2. Training as part of projects;
    3. Specific training;
  • “We can share” project;
  • Celebrating the SGPCM’s anniversary;
  • "Solidary gesture” project;
  • “Photo competition” project;
  • Social responsibility programme;
  • "Interculturality week” project;
  • Sustainability policy;
  • Play/educational activities under the Educational Service for Citizenship (SEDE);
  • "Streamlining workshops” project;
  • Project to certify the “Work/life balance management system”;
  • Offering a “Welcome to the SGPCM family” hamper;
  • Offering Christmas gifts (to employees’ children who are under 12);
  • Health promotion initiatives;
  • Organisational well-being and happiness;
  • Occupational medicine and safety plan;
  • Integration policy for new workers.

Last update: 21 de November, 2023