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Work/Life/Family Balance

Under the Three in Line for work/life/family balance, the Secretariat-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (SGPCM), as a signatory of the Work/Life Balance pact, undertook the commitment to foster balance between the three components of all its workers’ lives.

In order to fulfil its mission in this field, it set up the Work/Life/Family Balance Management System, which was certified by NP 4552:2016.

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Under the Secretariat-General of the Presidency of the Council of Minister’s Work/Life Balance Management System, a series of measures are implemented or under way aimed at the people who work at the SGPCM and other System stakeholders. These are a decisive element for the workers’ satisfaction and motivation, improving productivity and increasing the capacity to attract and retain talent, as well as an instrument of positive influence in the remaining State bodies and other organisations.

Please find below some examples of the existing measures:

  • Promoting remote work;
  • Policy for new worker induction;
  • Library with free internet access and daily access to periodicals;
  • Flu vaccination campaign;
  • Curative medicine consultation;
  • Ease in family assistance;
  • Activities for child leisure (under the age of 12) for children’s workers during the school holidays;
  • Celebrating special days or events with the workers and their families;
  • Promoting entertainment events and incentives to partaking in sports;
  • Integrating in the training plan the different courses on work/life balance and other subjects of personal development, well-being and happiness in the organisation
  • Fostering taking part in information/awareness raising courses on matters of interest to the workers
  • Setting up and informing on agreements with benefits for the workers.

Logótipo do Sistema de Gestão da Conciliação

SGPCM Work/Life Balance Policy
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Last update: 08 de March, 2024