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Technical Details


Netsigma - Consultoria e Formação Informática, Lda



João Bica

José Manuel Costa Alves



The concerns with universal access to information that is of public interest are at the core of the Government directives and international initiatives towards setting applicational development standards that guide the practices whose outcome does not exclude users with special needs from accessing the information.

To overcome the hurdles faced by citizens with special needs, we have been working on developing devices that assist the use of new technologies based on text content. At the same time, specifications have been developed on the technologies used to post content.

The information shared is to be universally accessible, abiding by the enshrined Government directives and following best practice indicated by the WorldWideWeb Consortium – W3C – via the Web Accessibility Initiative – WAI. In accordance with the necessary technical requirements that conform it to the grade AAA requirements.

Last update: 21 de November, 2023