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"Côa Parque Library" Project

The “Côa Parque Library” (BCP) project, which aims at document processing, organising and making available the Library’s archive, came from a partnership between the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (SGPCM) and the Côa Parque Foundation (FCP).

The partnership began in 2018 – the year when the SGPCM celebrated 60 years and the Côa Valley Archaeological Park commemorated its 19 years of acknowledgement as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It was driven by the need of setting up a single base for all the pieces, registered in one single bibliographical catalogue to be available online.

In this context, the Côa Valley Archaeological Park resources were boosted, the spoils of two libraries – the National Rock Art Centre and the Côa Valley Archaeological Park – as well as some heritage from the Park’s workers and former directors.

The archive is mostly dedicated to Archaeology, namely Prehistoric Archaeology. The spoils also contain pieces from other areas, such as Fine Arts, History, Ethnography, Heritage, and the Environment.

The initiative, as well a the other commemorative dates, were indicated with the exhibition "Art from Côa - 19 years of World Heritage ", in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers building.

View here the Côa Park Library and the Library/Space of Knowledge archive.

Apresentação da Biblioteca Côa Parque

Consult the presentation of Côa Parque Library (In portuguese).

Last update: 15 de November, 2023