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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental sustainability is taken on as a major commitment at the Secretariat-General of the Presidency of the Council of Minsiters, while exercising its duties. The concerns around this are at the core of the activities and a priority in order to ensure sustainable development and thereby a decent future for coming generations.

In searching for the promotion of practices in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, it undertakes to follow national and international policy and programmes with the aim of exchanging knowledge, fostering behavioural changes in society, and the centre of Government. It guides its action based on the commitments set in the SGPCM Environmental Policy.

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Environmental Management System

In line with its Environmental Policy, the SGPCM implemented an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14 001:2015 standard, which focuses on several areas of intervention: sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, reducing water consumption, reducing waste production, sustainable consumption, and the action plan for sustainable public procurement.

The main goals of this project are as follows:

  • Encourage keeping abreast of environmental legislation, preventing pollution and improving its environmental performance with a focus on continuous improvement;
  • Chang behaviours and procedures, encouraging more sustainable performance and consumption patterns at the SGPCM.
The SGPCM Environmental Responsibility Manual offers practical advice that is more responsible environmentally.

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Targets for 2024

It also sets the following environmental targets for 2024:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 5%
  • Reduce water consumption by 5%;
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced by 4% ;
  • Reduce the amount of paper and plastic consumed by 10%;
  • Implement environmental and social sustainability criteria in 40 % of goods and services procurement procedures;
  • Uptake the electric fleet by 10 %.

Last update: 06 de February, 2024