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7 Days with the Media

 "Hate and Peace Speech in Times of War" was the theme picked for the 12th edition of the 7 Days with the Media Operation, which ran from 3 May (World Press Freedom Day) to 9 May (Europe Day).

The aim of this operation, driven by the Informal Group on Media Literacy (GILM), is to enrich the discussion and understanding around the role of the media through developing and sharing projects and initiatives that foster their conscious and responsible use.

The operation kicked off with a cinema film literacy matinee open to the community, screening the film “A Difficult Classroom” in Lisbon, and ended with the 7th National Meeting on Education for the Media in Vila Nova da Barquinha.

The Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers David Xavier was on the panel closing the 7th National Meeting on Education for the Media. During his speech, he noted the importance of this initiative, in which students, teachers, and journalists took part enthusiastically, as well as the work by the Informal Group towards Media Literacy.
The Secretary-General of the Presidency of Council of Ministers, while member of the Informal Group, took part in these two initiatives and organised three workshops on Media Literacy together with the Centre for Vocational Training for Journalists (Cenjor) and the Portuguese Sport and Youth Institute (IPDJ) under the “Escolhas” (Choices) Programme.
For more information, please refer to the 7 days with the Media website.

Launch of the "7 Days with the Media 2024" operation

Last update: 20 de May, 2024